CASE // Germany Travel

Ein Smuttur til Tyskland

Most Danes just drive through Germany on their way to countries like France, Italy and Austria. If they stop in Germany it is for fueling the car, go to the toilet or get some sleep before the journey continues.

Germany Travel wanted to change that. A new initiative should open the Danish eyes to the many exciting destinations in Northern Germany. The focus should be on shorter breaks like a long weekend.

Germany Travel invited 5 agencies to compete for the assignment … and we won.

Our campaign was called EIN SMUTTUR (a quick trip) which is a merge between German and Danish … a different but an easy understandable expression for the target group.  For the campaign we developed:

• Web-design
• Web-banner
• Print ads
• Facebook strategy and posts

Take a look … and if you haven’t tried ein smuttur to Germany we strongly recommend it!