A few cases

To get a feel for the variety of work I can deliver. Some cases can be seen below. There is a lot of restrictions when showing cases especially within pharma. If you are interested in seeing cases within pharma. Please contact me. I will gladly drop by for a cup of coffee and a talk.

Phone: +45 23906538

Mail: cl@loland.dk

Art direction // Photo shoot planning  // Style and mood board // SoMe posts // POS display // Web banners // Link to video


Website design // WordPress programming // Link to site


Logo (re)design // Corporate Branding // Product catalogues // Sales material


Company naming // Logo design // Corporate Branding // Design manual // Product ads // Annual reports // Product catalogues // Website design // Exhibition design


Logo design // Web design // WordPress programming // link to site


Corporate Branding // Design manual (updating) // Corporate ads //  Product catalogues // Photo style // Photo shoot people // Photo shoot product


Logo design // Online interactive magazine //


Logo (re)design // Corporate Branding // Product catalogues // Sales material


Bio Bag
Packaging Design //


Areas of expertise

Medical and Pharma industry
  • Bee Editor newsletter design and programming (Done in Veeva Vault)
  • Production of creative communication for physical and hybrid events
  • Product launch 
  • Conceptual execution
  • Creative design
  • Corporate branding
  • Campaign creation
  • Content development
  • Direct-to-patient communication
  • Training and e-learning planning and storyboarding
  • Photo and film shoot planning
  • SoMe and website design
  • WordPress design and programming 
  • Packaging design
Corporate branding and design
Fashion, Beauty and luxury
Food and beverages